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Saturday, February 26, 2011

March Madness Brings "Basket Cases" for Weaving Classes @ MPL

March madness may mean college basketball to most people, but at our library, it means being a "basket case"--sort of.

On March 12 (1:00-4:00 p.m.) and March 16 (6:00-9:00 p.m.) in the MPL Community Room, if you pre-register, you can learn to make a basket like this. (Each date is a separate class, so you would only sign-up for one date.) Cost is $10 per participant.

Class sizes are limited to six persons, so you should register soon. Visit our web site and click calendar on the left-side menu to register online, or call (317) 831-7323 and ask for Meghan. If you have questions about the class, email -- type "MPL Basket Class" in the subject line.

Basket weaving is easy to learn and fun to do. As our feline roving reporter, Cauli Le Chat, says, "Baskets make great secret sleeping spots. Plus you can put lots of stuff in them, like kitty snacks." She may stop by for a visit, so there's a heads-up. She likes tuna-flavored treats.

Cauli offers her thoughts about the basket weaving classes in her blog (click here).

Bill Buckley
MPL Reference Coordinator

MPL Program Trailer #15: Yoga Classes at the Library

Mooresville Public Library (MPL) offers many adult and youth programs that are open to the public. One recurring program has been yoga classes, which are offered several times during the year. There are separate sessions for adults and young adults. Specific dates and times are listed on the library's online calendar (, and click "calendar" on the menu along the left-hand side of our home page), or you may call Meghan at (317) 831-7323 for details. When classes are scheduled, you may register for sessions online (using the calendar) or by calling the phone number above.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

MPL Book Trailer #95: The Walls of the Universe, by Paul Melko

Doppelgängers are popular fictional devices. The concept of the "evil twin" is probably as old as fictional writing itself. The term is also used to describe an exact double of an individual, sometimes associated with spectres or astral projection (out-of-body experiences). In The Walls of the Universe (Tor Books, 1st ed., 2009; ISBN 0765319977), science fiction author Paul Melko weaves an intriguing variation of doubles in his story about parallel universes and what may happen when people trade places. It is the "fish out of water" theme mixed with the crossed-twins (switched identities) theme. Novelists of such stature as Mark Twain repeatedly used the device in such works as The Prince and the Pauper, and it has become something of a modern literary cliche. Melko avoids the pitfalls of overuse by devising an ingenious story with believable characters living more or less ordinary lives.

Our book trailer below provides a brief plot summary.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

MPL Book Trailer #94: Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings: Working with the Intelligence in Nature, by Marko Pogačnik

Is it possible to communicate with nature spirits and elemental beings? Author Marko Pogačnik thinks so, based, he claims, upon his own personal experience. Our book trailer below peeks at Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings: Working with the Intelligence in Nature, by Marko Pogačnik (Findhorn Press, 2nd rev. ed., 2010) (ISBN 9781844091751).

As with all books involving paranormal topics, it is advisable to critically analyze and evaluate the material with a fair and open mind. It is a stimulating read and will provide insights into the philosophy and practice of the interconnectivity of life on this planet.

Bill Buckley, MPL Reference Coordinator & Indiana Room Historian

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

MPL Book Trailer #93: Animated Earth, by Daniel Statnekov

You can find lots of unusual bargains at auctions and estate sales. A quarter century ago, I made the rounds to many such events, making occasional purchases but, more frequently, just watching the action. I always dreamed of discovering a hidden treasure from among the bric-a-brac, but I was never so fortunate or skillful. I can only imagine how Daniel Statnekov must have felt when he bought a Peruvian water carrier at a Pennsylvania auction, only to find that, if one were to blow into it, the tone generated caused an altered state of consciousness.

The artifact turned out to be a Peruvian whistling vessel. Such whistles had their origins in pre-Columbian times. Daniel Statnekov's exploratory journey is chronicled in Animated Earth: a Story of Peruvian Whistles and Transformation (North Atlantic Books, 2nd ed., 2003). (Visit the author's website for the latest developments.) Our book trailer gives a glimpse of the story.

It is an exciting tale, full of surprising revelations and amazing experiences. It is intriguing to consider that whistling could produce powerful shifts in one's awareness. It is a far cry from my childhood days, when the only shift generated by my energetic blowing into an authentic police whistle was geographical; I spent the evening in my room, without any supper. (In all fairness, I had been warned to cease and desist by my mother. A parent can tolerate only so much shrillness in a single day.)

William R. Buckley
MPL Indiana Room Historian & Reference Coordinator

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MPL YouTube Channel Reaches 25,000 Viewership Mark

The MPL YouTube Channel reached 25,000 viewers today. To celebrate, we are embedding below one of our book trailers featuring a biography about Harold Lloyd, a great silent film star.

Click here to read our previous blog about this video.