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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MPL Blog Follower: Tober, the Thorntown (Indiana) Public Library Cat

Follow the adventures of Tober, the Thorntown (Indiana) Public Library Cat, at

Tober has many great ideas to share about how libraries can be fun for you to explore. His feline observations are insightful, clever, and humorous. But that's no surprise to us "cat people." Kitties have been running the show since at least the Egyptians.

One of our book trailers features one of Vicki Myron's children's books about Dewey Readmore Books, the Spencer (Iowa) Public Library cat. Tober leads the cast of "kitty extras" shown in the second half of the video.

Watch for Tober at around the 1:13 mark.

Bill Buckley
Indiana Room Librarian


  1. Dewey Readmore Books is a hero for hardworking Library Cats everywhere! Thank you for including me in the trailer!



  2. I am a big fan of library cats - I WOULD be after all, I am a feline author myself! I think no library is complete without a kitty.


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