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Friday, July 30, 2010

MPL Music Video #3: L'Arbre Fleur de Cerisier by Danny Buckley

Here is another of our music videos featuring the instrumental music CD Through Abstract Eyes, by Danny Buckley. In this piece (track #3 from the album), the world traveller, who is suffering from degenerative myopia, visits the lands of cherry blossom trees.

This video was created using iMovie software (Mac), and so the credit sequence is shorter than for our videos using Windows Movie Maker software. To assure proper attribution for the images used in this video, here are the credits:

IMAGES used in the video above courtesy of WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

"Stretching Black Cat ... & Cherry Blossom Trees" © 2009 by Hisashi.

"Cherry Blossoms Tree" © 2007 by Shayan (Sbn1984).

"Row of Cherry Blossom Trees in ... Hirakata-shi, Osaka, Japan" © 2007 by Masahiro Nishiguchi.

"Cherry Blossom Tree Near Bulguksa" © 2009 by Myllissa.

"Cherry Tree Blossoms" © 2006 by Scott Bauer, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

"Yoshino Cherry" © 2009 by Nicu Buculei.

"Street Blossoming Cherry Trees, Yakushidai" © 2010 by NRRH.

"The Astral Sleep" © 1998 by Jeroen van Valkenburg.

"Yoshitsune & Benkei ..." (1885) by Yoshitashi Tsukioka.

"Girl With Cherry Blossoms" (c. 1890) by Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co.

"Hirosaki Castle" (1935) by Yoshida Hiroshi.

"Three Courtesans Stroll Amidst Cherry Blossoms" (1797-1803) by Utamaro (Brooklyn Museum Online Collection).

"Cherry Blossom Viewing at Gotenyama Hill" (1791-1797) by Eishi Chobunsai (Brooklyn Museum Online Collection).

We hope you enjoy both the video and the music. Your feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated.

MPL Video Productions
MPL Readers' Advisory

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