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Sunday, July 25, 2010

MPL Music Video #2: Les Amateurs de Peinture & Painted Lovers on the Island by Danny Buckley

We continue our series of music videos with "Les Amateurs de Peinture" and "The Painted Lovers on the Island," tracks 2 and 14 from the instrumental music CD Through Abstract Eyes, by Danny Buckley.

These two pieces share musical themes, although "The Painted Lovers on the Island" was abridged in the video above due to the video's length. As a result, viewers missed the intriguing middle measures in "Painted Lovers..." that distinguish it from "Les Amateurs de Peinture."

What is the story line's connection between the two songs? "Les Amateurs de Peinture" ("The Amateur Painters") are, in fact, the painted lovers. This is an example of creator and creation melding into a united perspective. The amateur painters become the "painted lovers" they create and are themselves created by their imaginations.

Each of the 24 pieces that comprise Through Abstract Eyes creates a musical rendition of the central character's perspective, a world traveller suffering from degenerative myopia. Because the traveller's vision is perpetually blurred, he sees the world through abstract eyes, as if it were a series of impressionist paintings. The composer explores the traveller's joys and sorrows as he encounters the many wonders of the world in which he travels, experiencing them from a different viewpoint than most of us share. (As an aside, we note that, CD liner notes notwithstanding, the world traveller could just as easily be female as male.)

The paintings we used in this video cover centuries of styles, only a few of which are impressionist. We chose this approach to demonstrate that shared love from various perspectives (including the myopic viewpoint of the world traveller) conveys a central theme, which one may readily perceive by studying the figures in the art work, as well as by listening to the album's two pieces used for the video soundtrack. It is our way of returning to the merging of painters and paintings that is the heart of "Les Amateurs de Peinture" and "The Painted Lovers on the Island."

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