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Thursday, May 6, 2010

MPL Book Trailer #37: Corduroy, by Don Freeman

One of my children's favorite books was Corduroy, by Don Freeman. Huge department stores , such as the one described in the story, were becoming the norm when the book was published in 1968, and enclosed mall complexes had mushroomed in many suburban areas near larger U.S. cities. In 1966, for instance, I recall my first visit to an enclosed mall between Pittsburgh and McMurray, Pennsylvania, the town in which my family resided. The mall was enormous, and there were more stores in one place than I had ever previously seen. None of the neighborhood shopping centers in my hometown of Lafayette, Indiana, could compare with the grandeur of this place. Gimbels (short for Gimbel Bros.) was there--I knew about Gimbels, and, of course, Macy's, from the 1947 movie Miracle on 34th Street--and on our rare visits I enjoyed exploring this commercial cornucopia.

But I digress. The setting for Corduroy was a large department store, but the story is actually about how minor physical imperfections are unimportant; rather, it is one's character that counts. Everybody deserves to be loved, and to give love, regardless of how they may look. In Corduroy's case, his missing button may make him unappealing as a goods purchase, but to the little girl who discovers him, he will become a wonderful friend. Buttons can be sewed back on, after all.

So, caregivers, I hope our book trailer below encourages you to read this book to your children. Mine loved it, and I hope yours will, too.

Bill Buckley
MPL Indiana Room Librarian

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